Valentine's Menu

Red beets soup with caramelized onions and buttery croutons

Classic beef tartar with mushrooms and pepper dried sausages


Kale salad with di buffalacheese, warm tomatoes, brioche croutons and white balsamic green dressing

Pan seared cod, fork crushed potatoes, green beans and Nantaise carrots, salted herbs infused vegetables broth


Grilled beef tenderloin with melting yellow carrots, roasted Brussels sprouts, cipollini and dauphine potatoes, horseradish flavoured veal juice

Sweet delight

50$ – taxes and service not included

Breakfast Menu

superfoods-2Powerfully paired — Our delectable superfoods dishes pair whole foods to boost their benefits and their flavors. Antioxidant rich and naturally low in calories, our tempting selections make healthful meals impossible to resist.


homemade blueberry or banana granola pancakes$14.00
Citrus berry salad, quebec maple syrup and whipped butter
cinnamon scented oatmeal$8.00
Sliced banana, pecans and drizzled with honey
egg white omelet$12.00
Broccoli and cheddar, cured roma tomatoes, crisp hash browns or spring salad
poached organic eggs, smoked salmon ‘benedict’$16.00
Wilted spinach, english muffin, olive oil citrus hollandaise
Berry , apple and organic granola muesli$12.00
Low fat vanilla yogurt, walnuts, pomegranate essence

Fruits, Juices & Yogurts

fresh smoothies$7.00
Orange**, banana, blueberry, apple**, pineapple, strawberry or cantaloupe
juice Freshly squeezed$5.00
orange** juice or grapefruit juice
Tomato**, V8®, apple, cranberry or pineapple
Non-fat, 2%, soy or chocolate
seasonal market fresh cut fruits and berries, banana bread, cottage cheese$14.00
Individual low-fat yogurt**, plain or flavored
Chilled half grapefruit$4.00

Bread & Pastries

Basket of homemade breakfast pastries$10.00
Basket of bread, white, wheat or multi-grain$3.50


Raisin Bran, Special k, Frosted Flakes, Müslix, Alpen, Fruit Loops, Corn Flakes or Rice Crispies served with fresh berries and choices of soy, skim or 2% milks$10.00

Side Orders

A choice of bacon, sausage or ham$4.50
A choice of potatoes or tomatoes$4.00
A choice of cheddar, cottage or cream cheese$4.00

Breakfast Entrées

canadian breakfast table$23.00
A full selection of natural ingredients including breads and an assortment of viennese pastries, smoked salmon**, quebec cheeses and cured cold cuts, fresh fruits, berries and low fat yogurts**, cereals, oatmeal and french toast, a hot food station which includes omelets made to order, fresh fruit juices, starbucks® coffee and an assortment of tazo® herbal teas
healthy continental breakfast$17.00
An assortment of breads and viennese pastries, fresh fruits, cereals, low fat yogurts** and fresh fruit juices, starbucks® coffee and an assortment of tazo® herbal teas
crispy belgian waffle$12.00
Topped with caramelized apple** and whipped cream
fine canadian buttermilk crêpe$14.00
Stuffed with fresh fruits and topped with whipped cream and quebec maple syrup
plain or cinnamon glazed french toast sticks$12.00
With quebec maple syrup, whipped cream or berry compote
atlantic smoked salmon**$16.00
Tomato**, avocado, toasted bagel, micro greens and cream cheese
mini steak topped with an over easy egg$14.00
Organic spinach and parmesan cheese (signature dish)
duck confit three eggs omelet$14.00
Oka cheese and onions served with rosemary potatoes and fine herb cherry tomatoes
three organic eggs omelet$14.00
With a choice of: canadian bacon or cured ham, peppers, red onions, fresh mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, swiss or cheddar cheese
organic eggs any style$13.00
With a choice of: canadian bacon, cured ham or sausages served with tomato and rissole potatoes

Lunch Table d'Hôte Menu


Lemongrass and chicken broth, rice noodle, shiitake mushrooms, spinach


Arugula salad, pied de vent croutons, dried cranberries, hazelnuts, dried duck, honey vinaigrette


Pan seared veal liver, celeriac puree, caramelized parsnip, onions, bacon, balsamic reduction


Red snapper and steelhead trout bouillabaisse, mussels, fennel, baby potatoes, carrotts, peas, croûtons, rouille


Spaghetti, prosciutto, anchovy, marinated eggplant, tomato sauce, feta cheese


Lunch Menu


Roast pumpkin soup – smoked turkey — $8.00
“Maudite” beer onion soup, Victor de Berthold cheese — $10.00
Caprese salad – multicolored tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, aged balsamic – olive oil — $12.00
Pan-seared scallops – zucchini, pancetta, basil risotto – mascarpone, truffle beurre blanc — $16.00
Kale-arugula salad,coppa ham, Louis D’Or cheese, walnuts apple, – maple walnut vinaigrette — $13.00


Caesar salad – spiced grilled shrimp, bacon, rosemary croutons, parmesan, caper – garlic vinaigrette — $19.00
Sesame crusted Ahi tuna – mango – hearts of palm – tatsoi baby mesclun – spinach – avocado – smoked almonds sesame vinaigrette — $22.00
Spiced grilled chicken breast, spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, dried cranberries, apricot, pumpkin seed, honey – poppy seed vinaigrette — $19.00


Grilled Angus burger Oka cheese – smoked bacon brioche roll — $18.00
Ahi tuna – arugula – tomato avocado – edamame aioli ciabatta bread — $19.00
Club sandwich roasted chicken breast – rosemary ham – boston lettuce smoked bacon – tomato – rustic bread — $18.00
Grilled turkey burger – golden apple aged cheddar – Meaux mustard aioli, kaiser roll. — $18.00

Main Dishes

Braised lamb shank – mashed potato, braised carrot, parsley root, bacon and roast garlic jus — $30.00
Whole wheat fettuccini – giant shrimp, broccoli, asparagus tomato sauce (Vegetarian option available) — $27.00
Grilled Angus beef fillet, mashed potato, asparagus, green bean, wild mushroom cabernet-sauvignon sauce — $34.00
Pappardelle wild mushroom – cream -arugula parmesan cheese – truffle — $28.00
Seared cod, multicolored new potatoes, brussel sprouts – carrot ginger sauce — $30.00
Roast Salmon – sauteed diced sweet potato, spinach and shitake mushrooms, green tea vegetable broth — $29.00

Dinner Menu


“Maudite” beer onion soup Victor et Berthold cheese — $12.00
Salmon tartar, spicy sriracha mayo, wakame salad – soya sauce pearls — $14.00
Tuna tataki, edamame aioli – soy – ginger, tatsoi lettuce sprouts — $15.00
Caprese salad – multicolored tomatoes, buffala mozzarella – arugula – olive oil — $12.00
Caesar salad – bacon rosemary croutons, parmesan caper and garlic vinaigrette — $12.00
Gnocchi carbonara – lobster, green pea, parmesan, truffle fried quail egg — $18.00
Wild mushroom saute, smoked duck lardon, arugula, Louis d’Or cheese, toasted brioche bread, veal jus – porcini oil — $15.00
Beets- watercrest salad – coppa salami, fig, pumpkin seed, goat cheese, smoky bread crouton – honey vinaigrette — $13.00

Main Dishes

Pan seared Albacore tuna, pea puree marinated bock choy – fennel kimchi – soy sauce reduction — $32.00
Sauteed Scallop, giant shrimp, mussels, clams, crab claw – gnocchi corn, speck ham, tomato seafood broth — $38.00
Grilled 12 oz striploin – onion rings, romaine ceasar, foie gras butter, beef stock reduction — $39.00
BBQ beer glazed pork ribs, Brussels sprouts, Nantes carrots, fingerling potatoes, bacon — $30.00
Grilled piri piri chicken – kale, chorizo sausage, multi color potato, grilled bell pepper, marinated red onion queso fresco cheese — $30.00
Roast salmon, sauteed diced sweet potato, spinach, shitake mushroom – green tea vegetable broth — $29.00
Cod fish and chips – fennel Brussel sprout leaves – smoked meat – pickle – spicy tartar sauce — $32.00
Grilled beef tenderloin – parsley root puree, dauphine potato pearl onion – black garlic sauce — $34.00
Angus Beef burger, pretzel bun, tomato aioli, smoked cheddar, truffle, arugula, bacon, black garlic, wedge fries — $24.00
Whole wheat fettuccini, giant shrimp broccoli – asparagus tomato sauce – (Vegetarian option available) — $27.00

Tapas Menu

Enjoy our Tapas

Available from 5pm to 11pm

Mini Angus sliders - cheddar – French fries. — $12.00
Fingerling potatoes poutine - bacon - green onions - bbq baby backribs. — $13.00
Spicy chicken wings - blue cheese dressing. — $11.00
Tuna tataki - edamame bean aioli - soya – ginger. — $14.00
Local cheese platter - dried fruits - crackers. — $12.00
Caprese salad – multi colored tomato – mozzarella arugula – olive oil — $10.00
Salmon tartar – sriracha mayo – wakame togarashi soya pearls — $14.00
Crispy calamari remoulade sauce. — $10.00

Small Cravings Menu


Soup of the day — $8.00
“Maudite” beer onion soup Victor et Berthold cheese — $10.00
Caesar salad – spiced grilled shrimp – bacon rosemary croutons parmesan – caper and garlic vinaigrette. — $19.00
Tuna tataki – edamame aioli soy – ginger tatsoi sprouts — $15.00
Mini Angus sliders – cheddar – French fries. — $12.00
Caprese salad multicolored tomatoes bufala mozzarella aged balsamic olive oil — $12.00


Club sandwich roasted chicken breast rosemary ham – boston lettuce – smoked bacon tomato rustic miche bread — $18.00
Grilled Angus burger – Oka cheese – smoked bacon brioche roll — $18.00
Ahi tuna – arugula tomato -avocado edamame aioli ciabatta bread — $19.00

Main Dishes

Grilled beef tenderloin – parsley root puree dauphine potatoes pearl onions – black garlic jus — $34.00
Salmon – green tea sweet potato – spinach green tea vegetable broth — $29.00
Wheat fettuccini giant shrimp – broccoli – asparagus tomato sauce – parmesan (Vegetarian option available) — $27.00


Seasonal fresh berries. — $10.00
Ricotta cheese cake - rasberry glaze - seasonal berries. — $10.00

Desserts & Coffee Menu


Bread pudding – dulcey chocolate – caramelized apple – Baileys English cream. — $8.00
Litchi raspberry panna cotta. — $10.00
Ricotta cheese cake – strawberry glaze – seasonal berries — $10.00
Creme brulée - grand manier – roasted almonds. — $10.00
Chocolate fondant - prune and Armagnac ice cream. — $10.00
Quebec province cheese plate. — $12.00
Seasonal fresh berries. — $10.00


Hot Shot Galliano, Espresso — $6.00
Irish coffee: coffee, Jameson, Irish Mist — $10.00
B-52 coffee: coffee, Bailey’s, Kahlua, Grand Marnier — $10.00
Brésilian coffee: coffee, Cognac, Grand Marnier, TiaMaria — $10.00
Blueberry tea: tea, Grand Marnier, Amaretto — $10.00
Hot chocolate, Spiced Rum, Malibu Rum — $10.00


superfoods-2Fuel your body with delicious SuperFoodsRx™ dishes packed with nutrients and energy. Antioxidant rich and naturally low in calories, our tempting selections – from whole-wheat blueberry pancakes to all-natural roasted turkey wraps and black bean hummus – make healthy meals impossible to resist.

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